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Here we are; our FAQ about dance. At Arlin’s Dance Spot we want everyone to be included. Here are some of the questions that we frequently get asked regarding our classes.

Can I come in and try out a class?

Certainly! Our new students are welcome to try any class that we offer for a trial fee of $25 for an hour class. If you choose to register for the class after the trial, the trial fee will be applied towards your first monthly membership.

Do I belong in a beginning, intermediate or advanced class?

That’s a great question! Every dancer and dance studio is unique, so the best way to determine which class is appropriate for you is to actually take a class. During the class, the teacher will assess your skills and recommend the appropriate level for you. It’s crucial that every dancer is placed at the right level to avoid frustration and prevent injuries for both you and the rest of the class.

Do I need a partner?

Our experienced teachers will guide you, and you can practice with fellow students at group classes and parties. No partner or experience needed!

What should I wear for class?

When it comes to dancing, it’s all about moving freely and having fun. To ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing. For your first lesson, feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in. However, once you’ve decided on a style and direction, we will provide recommendations for what to wear. We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing stilettos or shoes with sharp heels as they are not suitable for dancing, and they could potentially damage our dance floor.

Do I need Dance shoes?

While dance shoes are suggested, they are not mandatory. To ensure you can move with ease on the floor, we suggest avoiding shoes with rubber soles. We strongly advise against wearing shoes with sharp heels or metal bottoms as they may cause damage to the floor or injury.

What are the benefits of group classes, private lessons and parties?

Our group classes are an excellent way to learn the essential elements, patterns, rhythms, and moves of our dance program. We also provide supplementary group fitness and conditioning classes to help you reach your goals. On the other hand, private lessons can be tailored entirely to your pace, ability, and schedule, making for the most comprehensive learning experience and ensuring the quickest results possible. Our social parties provide an ideal environment to practice your fresh skills, and you’ll have the support of our incredible community of teachers and students as you grow together.

Do you allow students to drop in to classes?

We offer drop-in classes for all of our programs and specialty classes. You can pay per class or purchase an anytime package for 4, 8, or 10 classes.